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Land Development

Satterley is Australia’s largest, independently owned land development company with community locations across WA, QLD and VIC.

The group had a fundamental business problem in enabling both the corporate brand and the individual community brands to co-exist in the same ecosystem. Challenges around brand presence, digital infrastructure and conflicting SEO tactics meant that a new solution was required.

Humaan created a holistic experience that met the marketing needs of both the corporate stakeholders and individual community managers who were responsible for sales. Each community was afforded an embedded microsite with dedicated branding, messaging and secure administrative access for community managers. These were arranged in a nested site architecture that allowed audiences to filter and find information relevant to them ahead of purchase.

The result is a powerful experience that showcases the entire Satterley portfolio and maximises its local and national marketing activity.

  • Digital Strategy
  • UX Design
  • Intelligent Mapping Feature
  • Personalisation
  • Multi-Access WordPress CMS