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Agriculture Innovation

Loam pioneers microbial seed technology that reduces levels of atmospheric CO2 and improves soil enrichment to promote agricultural productivity.

Loam’s primary challenge was to communicate its complex technology to a broad range of stakeholders, who all had varying degrees of expertise and were seeking different features and benefits from engaging with the technology.

Humaan took an audience-first approach to the site UX, dedicating sections of the global navigation to specific groups to enable them to self-serve the information that was relevant to them. A mixture of intuitive page design and content composition was then applied, leveraging the visual content and demystifying the key messages to ensure that the appropriate communication landed with its desired audience.

Since the successful Australian launch, Loam has seen its presence grow on the international stage as it looks to support global environmental and food product issues.

  • Digital Strategy
  • UI & UX Design
  • Immersive Visual Experience
  • Custom Development