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Jay Hollywood is co-founder, Director & Curb Your Enthusiasm, enthusiast.
Karen Hollywood is co-founder and chief meme officer, manages the 💵.
Lee Karolczak heads up the dev team and always has his Weet-Bix in the morning.
Paul Spencer, front-end guru and resident comic book illustrator.
Dedy Lawidjaja develops for the web & mobile, susceptible to long hiccups.
Dan Moore leads design & UX, also writes code. Ever pondering his next beard trim.
Matt Boddy is a developer, tech enthusiast and burger connoisseur.
Teegan Lincoln brings designs to life through front-end dev, always trying new hobbies.
David Thomas is a developer powered by Coola Lime flavoured cordial.
Georgie Woods. Design is her passion, Ramen is her religion.
Sharné Wiehl looks after all things admin, and ensures all our developers are well caffeinated.
Sam Barnett is a front-end dev who rolls to coles for vegemite scrolls
Dan Brouse builds mobile apps and anything full-stack, as well as sculpting dinosaurs and savouring the works of Plato.
Ross Pearson is a developer by day, hobbyist musician and redstone engineer by night.
James Fitzjohn. General Manager. Built to withstand extreme temperatures.
Lia Mace front end devs. She likes learning new things & will probably show you pictures of her cats.
Sherilynn Gomes. Full time Project manager. Part time traveller. Navigating both spreadsheets and cities with equal expertise
Cassandra Field is a strategic and structured thinker by day, passionate and enthusiastic eater by night

What we do

  • World-class digital
  • Expect creativity
  • Obsess over details
  • Value relationships
  • High-five
  • Make things, break things
  • Meme
  • Exceed expectations
  • Party

What we don't

  • Work late / weekends
  • Resist cake
  • Sacrifice quality for profit
  • Overpromise
  • Lose at Mario Kart
  • Work for free
  • Egos
  • Impossible deadlines
  • Outsource