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The WA Good Food Guide celebrates Western Australia’s Top 50 restaurants, as deemed by the West Australian Good Food Guide Awards. Originally a paper publication, the Good Food Guide was ready to establish a fresh new presence, engaging its audience with a gourmet digital experience.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Editorial Focus
  • UX & UI Design
  • Flexible Grid Layout
  • Intuitive Content Management


2019 Australian Web Awards
CommArts Webpicks

laptop showing wa good food guide homepage

Minimal, elegant, agnostic

With incredible food and venue imagery from diverse sources it was vital that the canvas remain visually neutral. Inspired by magazine editorial, this black-and-white minimal style wasn’t just a design decision, but a strategic call.

Designing for flexibility

A highly flexible grid design adapts to a wide range of aesthetics and available text and media. This ensures the site’s overall look and feel always presents harmoniously, framing every venue in its best light no matter how much (or how little) information they supply.

chef cards

Grid view vs Story view

For visitors wanting to compare venues quickly, we default to the Grid View, offering an overview of restaurants, ratings, price ranges, and locations.

For visitors chasing deeper engagement, the Story View, offers a feel reminiscent of lifestyle magazines. It features bigger visuals, more detail about the venue, and a taste of what makes each establishment so special.

ipad and iphone devices showing top 50 restaurant listings

A seamless reading experience

Delightful animations and visual enhancements ensure a highly engaging experience, while content has been designed for readability and encourages exploration.

wa good food guide homepage screenshot

The first bite is with the eye

The Top 50 is more than an award. For some, it’s the taster that whets the appetite. With this design, we stay true to the intention and purpose of the WA Good Food Guide, stoking the hunger and passion for epicurean delights in WA’s booming food & entertainment industry.