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The Mindful Life is an ethical skincare range by Australian model Meagan Gale. To support the fresh brand, we crafted a simple design for an eCommerce experience that just feels natural.

  • UI Design
  • Responsive Design
  • eCommerce
  • Modular Layout
ipad device showing mindful life about page

Presence and purpose

The minimalist principles embody The Mindful Life’s ethos of simplicity. Created in collaboration with the The Mindful Life brand designers, the quiet elegance offers plenty of room for a new brand to grow.

Lifestyle photography featured on the Mindful Life website
The Mindful Life Product page displayed on a mobile and tablet device

Simplicity and style

Set against a neutral backdrop, the product range, brand imagery, and clear yet subtle calls to action all stand out to command attention while still conveying calm and tranquility.

“The team at Humaan have been wonderful to work with. They were such an integral part of creatively bringing to life my vision for my online business Mindful Life and managed the project from start to finish with efficiency and professionalism. Post project, they continue to provide exceptional assistance and service and are always available for their clients wants and needs.”

Megan Gale
CEO & Founder
Shop and cart page featured on The Mindful Life displayed on mobile and tablet devices

Mindfully formulated

Quality fundamentals are the key ingredient in this outstandingly smooth user experience. Built on a robust WordPress and WooCommerce foundation, the site relies on its clean, accessible, responsive UI and customer-centred online shopping journey.

mindful life products
Full length screenshot of the The Mindful Life Homepage

A holistic approach

Spacious design, muted colours, simplicity and clarity come together in a wholesome brand and online shopping experience.