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Innovators in aerial photography, Spookfish’s aerial camera systems serve a new generation of geospatial technology, meeting increasing global demand for high-quality 2D and 3D imagery.

  • Digital Strategy
  • User Experience Design
  • Marketing Website
  • Interactive Graphics
  • Dashboard & Account UI
  • App Design
Diagram of aerial camera systems used by Spookfish

Breaking new ground in a specialist market

We partnered with Spookfish in 2015 when they were a fledgling tech startup looking to get a foothold in a challenging niche. It’s not easy getting a new product, brand and business off the ground, but a properly considered digital presence is essential.

Spookfish process illustration featured on the website

Ready for take-off

Version One exclusively targeted investors, reflecting Spookfish’s early days as an adolescent startup. Both the content and design emphasised the potential of the brand and the possibilities of the company’s cutting-edge imaging technology.

Spookfish Aerial Imagery
Spookfish Aerial photogrpahy featured on the website displayed on laptop and mobile devices
Map, date pickers, and toggle UI elements featured on the Spookfish website

Branching into the product offering

Version Two expanded to cater for the B2B market. Spookfish were by then armed with a clear product offering and successful commercial & industry use cases that demonstrated the applications of their powerful platform.

Export options for aerial photography used in the Spookfish website

The Spookfish retail product, SiteView, includes a map interface and an accounts portal. Humaan delivered front-end components and best practice design patterns, and provided UX expertise to help create a market-leading product.

Spookfish website displayed on a desktop device

A view of the future

By this point, Spookfish had matured and were ready to approach a global consumer audience. Version Three saw the release of a more conversion-focused digital presence worthy of a company ready to soar.

Every step in our journey with Spookfish challenged us to artfully communicate their evolving brand proposition and offering in a relatable and engaging way.

Sign up benefits featured on the Spookfish website

Framed by contemporary design, smooth transitions and accessible, responsive best practice, Spookfish’s content draws and directs user attention toward key information, no matter what the device.

The company’s own high-resolution aerial photography features heavily throughout the design, enhancing form with function and conveying the capabilities of the company’s next-generation imaging technology.

“I can't speak highly enough of the team at Humaan. They listened intently to our requirements and crafted a stunning website that exceeded our expectations, all within a very short timeframe. Working with Humaan is an absolute joy. I'd recommend them in a heartbeat.”

Josh Maisey
Head of Digital, Spookfish

So the story goes…

Establishing a fundamental brand style from the outset gave us the flexibility to visually shape the Spookfish story from day one. They are leaders in their field. And now, the world knows it too.