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Resolve Finance is an Australian finance broker specialising in home loans, conveyancing and financial planning. With their previous website critically underperforming, Humaan were tasked with delivering a world-class digital experience that would contribute to conversion and revenue growth.

  • User Experience Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Modular Content
  • Bespoke Finance Calculators
  • Broker Login
ipad and mobile devices showing first home buyer page

The compelling case for a redesign

Poor website UX translates to huge missed opportunities, As such, Resolve Finance needed a world-class solution to significantly improve business performance and deliver enhanced audience engagement.

resolve tiles showing their offerings

More than a homeloan provider

Resolve Finance has a simple goal: to be a lifelong finance partner to their clients. Setting themselves apart from slick, algorithm-driven brokers, they pride themselves on personal service and tailored finance solutions. This philosophy formed the heart of our design strategy.

ipad and iphone devices showing find a mortgage broker

Engagement-driven design

From the UI layout to the content strategy, every part of this site was designed for audience engagement. In close collaboration with the client, we explored the types of information most valuable to prospective clients, then devised the most straightforward and interesting means of satisfying their needs.

find a broker full page screen shot

Find a Mortgage Broker

The Find a Mortgage Broker tool matches people with people via an easy-to-use search and filter system. Each broker listing includes a short personal profile, contact details, client testimonials and specialist areas to make it easy for new clients to find the right professional for them.

Online Calculators

Interactive tools such as the site’s online calculators remove key barriers to conversion. In this case, Resolve’s target audience are looking for answers to specific financial questions and will readily engage with experts who can provide them.

Resolve Finance Info Hub

Complex considerations can’t be resolved by tools alone. Cue the Info Hub, a wealth of tips, curated editorial and current affairs analyses. In addition to guiding consumers through their personal finance, the depth and breadth of this content is a search-optimised showcase of Resolve Finance’s expertise.

ipad and mobile device showing talk to an expert pages
homepage screen capture

Resolving the challenge

The key to this project was a structure, aesthetic and communication strategy that captures the target audience with a clear and intuitive experience on any device.