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Penrhos College is more than a school for girls. It’s a vibrant and thriving community of around 1,200 students and their families, 250 staff and more than 8,000 alumni.

  • Digital Strategy
  • User Experience
  • Responsive Design
  • Interactive Mapping
  • Custom Development
penrhos screenshots of various pages

Designing with purpose

Inspired by the College’s own statement of purpose, the sophisticated new design showcases Penrhos’ strong, youthful brand and demonstrates their rich culture and innovative academic offerings through a smooth and engaging user experience.

ipad and mobile devices showing penrhos campus map

Interactive campus map

A handy interactive map highlights all relevant campus points of interest. Selecting individual locations brings up information about the venue, a convenient and useful tool for students, parents and visitors alike.

sport photos

Why Penrhos?

The new “Why Penrhos?” section is a central engagement device, vitally important for both prospectives and existing users. It gives visitors a clear sense of the College’s unique points of difference to validate and reinforce an enrolment decision.

penrhos timeline

Showcasing a proud history

The revamped About section tells the story of the school through the use of striking imagery and strong content. It features a timeline showcasing the College’s proud history, from its modest foundations to the innovative educational institution it is today.

Optimised for every device

The Penhros website offers a smooth experience across all devices, and is backed by an open source CMS to deliver flexibility and ease of use for the internal web team.

penrhos homepage screenshot

The brand experience

The new website reinforces the strongest qualities of the Penrhos brand through clarity of design, intuitive navigation and a contemporary web experience. It serves as an ideal resource for supporting the College’s primary audience engagement activities.