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Australian Payments Plus is the holding organisation for a number of key brands and products within Australia’s digital payment infrastructure, including BPAY, eftpos and PayTo – a secure payment gateway for merchants and consumers when pre-authorising direct debit arrangements.

  • Digital Strategy
  • User Experience Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Custom Development

Creating an informative & intuitive online experience

Historically, consumers and merchants have faced challenges when engaging with direct-debit payments. The paper-based nature of the transaction allowed one or both parties to opt-out of the arrangement with no notice given on either side. This, coupled with inaccurate data and bank details, left merchants out of pocket and consumers frustrated that their services were not being delivered.

To support the launch of PayTo, Humaan was briefed to demystify this element of the digital payment sector and create an informative and intuitive online experience for both businesses and consumers that demonstrated the features and benefits of the PayTo product offer.

A repository for information

As PayTo was being delivered by the major banks and financial institutions, the role of the PayTo website was to be a repository for information and communicate the benefits and associated for the businesses and merchants. This information was underpinned by a suite of visual guides and FAQs that were presented in snackable forms of content across media, graphic design and copy. Marketing material was also made available to allow merchants to build consumer trust by communicating that PayTo was available through their business.

Building consumer confidence

The objective for consumers was one of confidence building. By showcasing PayTo in action across a sample range of consumer transactions, we were able to demonstrate how PayTo would interface within a consumer’s lifestyle. Multiple screen-devices were depicted to strengthen the case and visually represent the product in action.