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The National Breast Cancer Foundation is a national body with a mission to fund research that will ultimately stop breast cancer related deaths. With an outdated and underperforming website, they approached Humaan to rethink their online strategy and set the stage for the future.

  • Digital Strategy
  • UI & UX Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Modular Content
  • Intuitive Content Management
  • Conversion Optimisation


2020 Australian Web Awards Winner – Not-for-profit
McFarlane Prize

ipad and mobile devices showing homepage

A clear objective

Despite great brand awareness, the Foundation saw a decline in online donations, and this formed the basis of a redesign strategy: to increase donation revenue and audience engagement through focused communication and an outstanding user experience.

The human element

We created a sophisticated, high-impact design that was aligned to the colourful new brand identity to tell an optimistic human story that fosters a strong emotional connection with its audience.

The donation experience

Easily accessible across the website, the attention-grabbing donation module seamlessly redirects visitors to the Foundation’s pre-existing donations platform.

ipad device showing donate page

Purpose-driven content

Website donors can stay up to date with how their contributions are making a difference through a dedicated content section that features news, projects, achievements and research.

national breast cancer devices showing research pages

Raise funds and have fun

We designed the fundraising part of the site around audience self-segmentation to demystify the fundraising process and make good use of the existing content.

The process is as simple as 1-2-3 for those looking to help raise funds.

fundraising page cards and icon design elements

Looking to the future

The fully integrated and customised CMS was chosen for its ease of use, flexibility, and immediate access for search engines. This gives the Foundation’s internal teams full control over their content, optimal provisions for audience reach, and plenty of room for the site to evolve.

“We couldn’t have worked with a better team to develop our new website. Jess and her team are efficient, creative and really care about your project. They put time and effort in with communication as well as making sure every fine detail is thought about. We are more than happy with the finished product and have seen improvements in conversion rate, bounce rate and time on page almost instantly. We would recommend Humaan to anyone!”

Hannah Martin
Digital Marketing Manager
national breast cancer foundation homepage screencapture

The mission was simple

Responsive, accessible and filled with prominent yet unobtrusive calls to action, this site targets specific business outcomes in a colourful, positive fashion.