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Ferox offer a vision for the future of motor vehicle technology. We set out to create a compelling digital presence to realise this vision and help open minds to the amazing possibilities.

  • User Experience Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Rich Media Features
  • Custom Development


2019 Webby Award Nominee
2019 Australian Web Awards
CommArts Webpicks

ipad device showing the ferox azaris vehicle

A new era of transportation

A dynamic interface foregrounds the Ferox brand while showcasing the vehicle’s cutting-edge design and engineering.

ferox vehicles

The sophisticated front-end, with seamless video integration, brings the content to life vibrantly and dynamically. These visually captivating features foster deeper engagement and technological understanding to build genuine excitement among the target audience.

ferox cog

Take in every detail

Individual vehicle pages feature a mouse- and touch-controlled 360° viewer. This tactile interaction lets audiences connect with every detail as they explore Ferox’s engineering highlights and state-of-the-art technology.

The website entices the viewer to immerse themselves in the content and buy into Ferox’s innovative vision. Every page is entirely bespoke and every component has been carefully considered to truly reflect the unique nature of the company and the underlying technology.

ferox screenshots

“Ferox briefed Humaan to achieve three key outcomes; to remove traditional design limitations, push conventional boundaries and create a website that is of world class standard. These outcomes were successfully achieved through the combination of our respective skill sets and unique processes, resulting in a website that truely reflects the essence of Ferox. We have appreciated the commitment, creativity and technical capability Humaan has demonstrated in this endeavour.”

Troy Wheeler
CEO, Ferox
ferox full page screencapture

A product of collaboration

A shared passion for quality and detail ensured we had an aligned vision for the best possible outcome, resulting in a website that would serve the brand for the years to come.